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           I have been playing soccer since I was 6 years old. My dad coaches my team and I have a lot of friends on my team. I love monkeys because they are so cute. I want a monkey as a pet but you have to have a special license that makes me mad. I love pandas because they are fuzzy. I also like pandas because they are black and white. I love german shepherds because the can be nice but can also be very aggressive. I love basketball because it is easy and fun.

           These photos follow copyright rules because I gave credit to the person that took them. Copyright is when you take credit for something that is not yours. What is your favorite thing to do? tell me if you like any of these things?

4 thoughts on “Copyright laws

  1. Hi Emmitt,

    Great pictures! I didn’t know you could have a monkey as a pet. When I visit the Melbourne Zoo, my favourite animals are the orang utans. Do you have a zoo in your area?

    My sister has a German shepherd dog. Luckily, she is not at all aggressive!

    Great work sharing your images and explaining about copyright.

    Have fun blogging this week,
    Kathleen Morris

  2. Hi, Emmitt,

    I like your slide show. Great job on citing your sources! Do you create slide shows and other presentations for your class? My students do and sometimes it’s really hard for them to remember about copyright.

    Do you have a favorite type of monkey? Or just any? You are braver than I am to want one for a pet. Keep blogging. I want to hear more about these monkeys and pandas!

    Mrs. A

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